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Flight Deal Websites

In Tulum, Mexico about to spill the tea on flight deals!

I am sharing this list of travel deal sites with you because I want you to go live your best life at the lowest possible cost. Also, because I needed a link to give to the 659 people who slide up in my DMs every day asking me where to find good deals.

Search Engines

These are the sites that will allow you to search for flights and find the best deal based on the days you’re flying and where you’re going:

Deal Annoucements

These are the sites that scour through flights and find outrageous deals then share the good news with the public, like a good citizen of the world should. You want to get on their email lists AND follow them on social media.

Alright, now it’s your turn to be a good citizen. Share this good news with a friend or a group of friends or help make this list better by dropping your favorite flight deal sites in the comments.


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